Picking a Good Quality Photo Booth

Photo booths are the ultimate addition to any wedding or party and are a great alternative to the traditional photographer (but why not treat yourself to both?!). Whatever event you are planning, your guests will absolutely adore piling inside to take a few fun snaps and they are a brilliant way to capture photos of groups without having to chase people around and organize it.

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For many reasons, they are a great icebreaker and a fantastic tool to encourage people to let their hair down and have a good time. With so many different types of photo booth on offer, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your event. Whether you’re hiring or buying, there are lots of options and you should check out the range of portable photo booths for sale.

Here are a few pointers –

#1: Open Air Booths for Group Photos

The classic photo booth isn’t great for group photos, as you all have to cram in! Open-air booths address this by having the camera higher up on a separate backdrop, enabling a lot more people to fit in the group photos.

For this reason, they are very good at weddings or large corporate bashes where there will be hundreds of people in attendance. With an open-air booth, large groups of people can fit into photos without there being any dramas or trodden feet.

#2: Classic Booths are Also a Great Choice

Although open-air booths have their benefits, you can’t beat the contemporary style of a classic photo booth! They add a little touch of class to any event and they usually come packed with premium features.

The very best classic photo booths will come with social media sharing, green screens, super high definition cameras and more. These photo booths can do just as good a job as any professional photographer and will capture any picture in its most natural and beautiful state.

#3: Booths on a Budget

If you’re not overly fussed about quality or just want something simple which can get the job done (especially at more casual parties), a cheaper budget booth will do just fine. If your primary concern is just having a booth there for people to have fun with and you aren’t bothered about all the bells and whistles, there’s no reason to turn your nose up at a few of the more budget-friendly options.

It is possible to get a perfectly good photo booth at a competitive price; you don’t need to break the bank! Even the cheaper stripped-down booths will come with lots of features and do the job of taking photos very well.

Photo booths are a classic feature at any major corporate event or wedding, enabling your guests to mingle with each other and have a lot of fun taking silly photos. The more expensive the booth, the better the photo quality and features, however, budget booths still do a great job and deciding which to go with is more a matter of personal preference than anything else.